Indoor High-Reach Window Cleaning

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Hydro Clean Cleano Outdoor Waterfed Pole Cleaning Kit

Indoor High-Reach Window Cleaning 

Have you ever noticed that you “missed a spot” on your high-reach window?

At times, cleaning high-reach windows can be a hassle if you don’t have the proper equipment. 

Let’s start from the top:

  1. What products should you be using to ensure your windows are crystal clear without any streaks or residue?
  2. How long does this process of window cleaning typically take?
  3. How often should you be cleaning your high-reach windows?

Clean Direct Inc. offers Ultra Pure Water Systems that does not use plain tap water, but instead operates by using pure water that ensures surfaces to dry streak-free. The HydroTube is suggested for topographical areas whereas the ECO Boost for the HydroTube™ is recommended for cleaning windows higher than 30 ft. 

There is no assembly required. Products are delivered as is with the option to change out the cleaning pad and the pure-water-filled bulb. Typically, cleaning indoor high-reach windows varies depending on how many windows you’re planning to wash.

Because of dirt particles and grease that circulate in the air daily, this procedure should be done about every six months. Depending on establishment, some businesses, such as restaurants, may want to consider cleaning their indoor high-reach windows every two weeks. 

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