SkyFlurry™ Pro Blower is used with the SkyVac to blow debris off rooftops, gutters and for ground cleanup

SkyFlurry™ Pro Blower (Self Propelled)

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SkyFlurry™ Pro Blower

The SkyFlurry™ Pro Bower is a dual purpose blower that works side-by-side with the SkyVac to tackle the most difficult gutter cleaning jobs.

The blower rests on the ground and connects to your existing SkyVac flexi hose / carbon fiber vacuum poles. It assists in situations where debris like clingy pine needles have rested or clumped up on the roof. Blowing them off is a much quicker method than trying to vacuum them up.

Also the blower works fantastic for blowing the light, fluffy and dry pine needles and larger sized leaves off the top layer of the gutter or down in the gutter. The SkyFlurry™ Pro is sold as a companion to the SkyVac to speed up certain cleaning scenarios. The trusted SkyVac suction system works best for tackling wet, heavy, sticky and mucky dirt and debris.

Additionally the hose can easily be detached from the SkyFlurry™ Pro to use for ground cleanup.  It works exceptionally well in large yards and parking lots where large volumes of leaves need to be moved.

Please choose the model/style you prefer when making your selection.

  • SkyFlurry™ Pro 10 HP (Self Propelled)
  • SkyFlurry™ Pro 13 HP (Self Propelled)


  • SkyFlurry™ Ground Blower,
  • Custom Designed Flexi Hose Connector


  • Patented Aim N ShootTM
  • 305 cc or 393 cc (displacement) commercial engine
  • 17" 16-blade Advanced Fan Technology
  • Smooth rounded housing
  • Optional forward discharge accessory
  • Optional Self-Propelled Version
  • Thicker Padded Handles
  • Quiet operation compared to backpacks and steel blowers


  • Velocity: Just under 200 mph 
  • Fan: 16" 16-blade Single Shot Composite
  • Discharge: 4" or 5"
  • Engine: 305 cc or 393 cc displacement
  • Weight 152 lbs (10 self propelled)
  • Weight: 165 lbs ( 13 self-propelled)
  • Front Wheel Width 10" X 3"
  • Front & Rear Wheel Style Pneumatic
  • Rear Wheel Width 13" X 5"
  • Length 58"
  • Width 28.5"
  • Height 32.5" (housing), 45" (handle)

This item requires freight shipping to your location. 

Some very minor assembly required by customer. Takes about 15 minutes.

Assembly instructions provided with shipment.