Ionic Systems Caddy™️ Handheld System for Window Cleaning

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The Ionic Systems Caddy™️ is a simple system that allows water fed cleaning wherever there is access to a water supply.

There are three Caddy™ configurations: A single, a double and a triple filtration system.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictured here is the double filtration system. The single will have one DI filter, the double will have two DI filters and the triple will have RO, DI and Carbon Filters.

Units can be chosen from De-Ionization (DI) in soft-water areas where Reverse Osmosis (RO) isn't necessary to RO for hard water areas.

Providing adequate water pressure (50psi/3.5 bar min) is available at the water source, the Caddy™ system can supply an adequate stream of pure water for cleaning...up to 45ft in most cases.

Note: The single system has one polymer housing, the double system has two polymer housings and the triple has three polymer housings.