Ionic Systems Caddy™️ Handheld System for Window Cleaning

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The Ionic Systems Caddy™️ is a simple system that allows water fed cleaning wherever there is access to a water supply.

There are three Caddy™ configurations: A single, a double and a triple filtration system.

PLEASE NOTE: The single will have one DI filter, the double will have two DI filters and the triple will have RO, DI and Carbon Filters. All of them come with a carry strap.

Units can be chosen from De-Ionization (DI) in soft-water areas where Reverse Osmosis (RO) isn't necessary to RO for hard water areas.

Providing adequate water pressure (50psi/3.5 bar min) is available at the water source, the Caddy™ system can supply an adequate stream of pure water for cleaning...up to 45ft in most cases.

Note: The single system has one polymer housing, the double system has two polymer housings and the triple has three polymer housings.