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Clean Direct: A Sales Platform for Today's Reseller.

Welcome to Clean Direct Inc, North America's #1 source for innovative, specialized cleaning equipment, supplies and services. We offer the broadest selection of niche cleaning equipment available in an easy-to-sell program.

Are you looking for a new opportunity to grow your income & business? We work with:

  • Independent sales reps
  • Brokers
  • Manufacturer's sales reps
  • Jan/San suppliers
  • Services companies
  • Solo entrepreneurs
  • Part-time sales reps
  • Business start-ups

Scale Your Business Quickly!

Why make a huge investment in inventory, infrastructure, fulfillment, operations, etc... when you can simply partner with Clean Direct?

There are clear benefits to Clean Direct's sales program over traditional distributing:


✔️ Your Own Digital Sales Platform

  • Professional, e-commerce enabled website located at Clean.Direct
  • Self-service customer sign up
  • Digital sales/marketing materials
  • Videos, informational
  • All your customers belong to you

✔️ Accounts

  • Automated commissions tracking
  • Commissions paid on regular cycle
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Custom Quoting Tool
  • Leads provided (in most markets)
  • Advanced Commissions on POs (for approved resellers)
✔️ Inventory
  • Access to the world's most innovative cleaning products
  • Fully stocked warehouse supply

✔️ Shipping 

  • Quick shipping response times, usually 24-48 hours
  • Expedited and overnight shipping available
  • Freight shipping
  • Products shipped directly to end-customer
  • Fully managed customs and duties brokerage for international orders
✔️ Support


  • Clean Direct inside sales assistance from a trained staff
  • Customer demonstration facility on East Coast USA available
  • Product & sales training offered on-site at NC location and virtual
  • Demo equipment discounts
  • Customer service helpline
  • Warranty service/ ticket tracking


Resellers Plug in to Clean Direct


Plug-In to Clean Direct's Reseller Program

Why leave the door open to your competitors by not having a broad range of products to offer your customer?

When they ask for a specialty cleaning product that you don't offer then turn to the Clean.Direct website and present your customer with options. Sign them up on the spot and start tracking their purchases automatically.