SkyFlurry™ Hose Kit 10Ft

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SkyFlurry™ 10Ft Hose Kit

The SkyFlurry™ 10Ft Hose Kit is an optional accessory that easily fits over blower nozzle to direct airflow into hard to reach spaces. 4” D x 10’ L. Mainly used for ground leaf clean-up.

Includes carry bag.

Attaching the Hose to the Blower Exhaust:

  1. Turn off engine
  2. Simply squeeze and fold the larger end of the exhaust adapter
  3. While folded place into the interior of the cone up to the ring on the adapter.
  4. Let go and allow it to return to its normal shape, the airflow coming out of the unit will keep the exhaust adapter in place
  5. To remove the director, simply squeeze around the ring and pull the director out.
WARNING: Maintain control of the nozzle while the machine is running as the nozzle will whip around and damage surrounding objects or potentially hurt people.