Trion Pure Water System Bundle

Ionic Trion Electric Pumped Pure Water Fed Cart Most Popular Bundle

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This bundle contains:

  • Ionic Inline Water Softener
    • Salt Backwash Canister
    • Two Hoses with Connectors
  • Ionic Systems Trion 110v Pumped Window Cleaning System
    • Carbon Filter installed
    • RO Filter installed
    • DI Filter installed
    • Snap Ring Key
    • 110v Pump
    • Stainless Steel Cart
  • Backup Carbon Filter
  • Backup DI Filter
  • Ionic Systems Stainless Steel Hose Reel Assembly
    • 320 ft (100m) 8mm Water Cleaning Hose
    • Quick Connect to Fly Lead (RXHADA)
    • 90° Hosetail (installed on inside of reel)
  • Jumper Hose (to Reel)
  • Reject Water Hose
  • Handheld TDS Meter
  • Ionic Hydra Fiber Glass 32 Ft Water Fed Pole (WFP)
    • Pole
    • Vertigo Quick Release Gooseneck
    • 14" Commercial Vertigo Quick Release Brush
    • 14" Commercial Vertigo Quick Release Flocked Bristle Brush
    • VMA Adapter to accommodate  Moerman traditional window cleaning tools and some IPC as well (scrapers, mops, squeegees, etc)
    • Ionic Fly Lead (52 ft)
    • Splitter for running two WFP's simultaneously



The Trion portable system is a multi-stage filtration system for a wide variety of window, solar panel and hard surface exterior cleaning applications. The tough, compact design and ease of use makes the Trion the perfect choice for residential and light commercial work in any area where both water and electricity are available (a generator can also be used).

The Trion uses a combination of reverse osmosis and de-ionization to purify water in areas of hard water. It comes with an electric brass pump powered at 110v, electric motor and controls.


Window cleaners make use of the Trion to access remote parts of modern buildings such as courtyards and roof tops for atrium cleaning and high-rise buildings where suspended platforms are used. On-site building maintenance teams also use the Trion for in-house window and facade cleaning duties.

The Trion has a stainless steel RO housing and plastic filter housings for the DI and Carbon filters. Since the RO housing is stainless steel it can withstand better pressures therefore producing better quality pure water. 

The Trion produces up to 5 liters of pure water when running at maximum operating pressure (160 psi).

In certain areas of the country where water is extremely hard an in-line water softener may be recommended to remove harmful calcium which can cause poor performance and premature failure of the RO filter membrane. Please note that the Trion requires a quick manual process for backwashing the RO membrane.

Please contact us for more information.

Ionic Systems Trion Portable Trolley Features Diagram



    • 3-Stage Water Treatment:
      • Carbon Filter- Removes Chlorine, Protects RO Membrane
      • RO Filter- Mechanically Filters Water, Rejects up to 98% of remaining Impurities
      • DI Filter- Polishes Water to Zero Parts per Million (PPM)
    • Shut-Off Valve
    • Automatic Dry-Run Protection
    • Electric Powered Water Pump
    • Pressure Gauge
    • High-Pressure Stainless Steel Filter Housing for Increased RO Pressure and Greater Water-Production


    Click here for the Trion User Manual.