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Clean Direct: A Brand New Channel For Selling Your Products...That Doesn't Disrupt Your Current Go-To Market Strategy

Welcome to Clean Direct Inc, North America's #1 source for innovative, specialized cleaning equipment, supplies and services. We offer the broadest selection of niche cleaning equipment available in an easy-to-sell program.

Sell Direct? Sell Through Distribution? Straddle the Fence and Do Both?

Are you struggling with a balanced go-to-market channel sales program? Your competition is selling direct and cutting out the middle-man. Manufacturers are signing up directly on third-party platforms like Amazon, Google, Alibaba & Jet...basically going around traditional 3rd party distribution channels. They still pay selling fees as before only now instead of traditional resellers getting those profits they're going to Amazon et al. Buyer traffic through their platform crushes smaller distributor profits.

What's Happening to The Traditional Distributors?

The traditional distributors are only able to survive by merging and becoming bigger. This is a classic economies-of-scale play. Some traditional distributors will sell on those same 3rd party platforms but without proper manufacturer MAP pricing policies and strict adherence to those policies the market essentially becomes a price race to the bottom. By-the-way Amazon and others can control the pricing on their platforms frequently bypassing MAP pricing rules. As that sales volume grows to a tipping point then Amazon sources directly from the manufacturer and bypasses the smaller distributors. Bye-bye resellers!

Why Does This Matter to Manufacturers in the Niche Cleaning Space?

As the sales channel model changes there is less manufacturer representation by sales reps and therefore less end-user exposure to their products.  "Feet-on-the-street" still sells products. Sales reps get the products in front of the buyers, typically with local or regional representation. They add another layer of  personalization and product knowledge that cannot be found online. They also assist with the procurement process, especially in enterprise and governmental organizations where buying policies can be a struggle.

Why Should Buyers Care?

Buyers are increasingly turning towards the internet to research products and make purchases, leaving out the role of the traditional sales rep. However, there's a myth that price is all that matters. Ask any seasoned buying professional and they are likely to say "Price matters, but service matters more!" In the specialized cleaning industry many products, especially equipment, needs instruction, training, after-sales support and service. A good rep helps facilitate those types of needs and helps buyers manage the success of their cleaning programs as a whole. A good sales rep also keeps customers in-touch with the latest innovations.

Learn How Clean Direct Can Maximize Your Sales Channel!

Here are the benefits to adding your products to Clean Direct's platform and sales program :

✔️ New Go-To-Market Channel For Today's Manufacturer

  • Instant team of trained sales professionals that will sell your products
  • Puts more feet-on-the-street without disrupting your traditional channel
  • Professional, e-commerce enabled website located at Clean.Direct

✔️ Inventory & Shipping

  • Large stocked warehouse on East Coast USA
  • Quick shipping response times, usually 24-48 hours
  • Expedited and overnight shipping available
  • Freight shipping
  • Products shipped directly to end-customer
  • Fully managed customs and duties brokerage for international orders

✔️ Support

  • Clean Direct inside sales assistance from a trained staff
  • Customer demonstration facility on East Coast USA available
  • Product & sales training offered on-site at NC location and virtual
  • Demo equipment discounts
  • Customer service helpline
  • Warranty service/ ticket tracking



Resellers Plug in to Clean Direct


Plug-In to Clean Direct's Sales Program for Manufacturers

Want to sell more products? Instead of disrupting your existing distribution network compliment your existing distribution network through Clean Direct resellers. Everybody wins! 

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