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SkyVac Interceptor Pallet

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Jose Solano

I was skeptical before buying the skyvac interceptor, but boy am I happy I did....doesn’t work for every situation and it’s definitely a learning curve...but it’s worth it. Still getting the hang of 2 story homes...I am knocking out 1000-2000 sq ft single stories in less than 10 min...

Richie Gomez

Very rarely do I come across a job that the SkyVac can't do...

Todd Hendrzak

Love the interceptor.. great investment

Colin Piaspowski

We love ours, but like others have said it will not eliminate ladder work but will add a tool to your arsenal. We primarily use SkyVac.... actually since offering and addition of water pole, we haven't used a ladder in two years.

Are you searching for a gutter cleaning solution that delivers unmatched power and mobility? Let us introduce you to the SkyVac® Interceptor, designed to transform your cleaning experience with its cutting-edge features and robust performance.

Unparalleled Power on the Go

Meet your new gutter cleaning partner—the SkyVac Interceptor. This marvel of engineering comes equipped with an all-terrain trolley and a powerful Honda engine, eliminating the need for electrical outlets. Its versatility allows you to access hard-to-reach areas effortlessly, ensuring no gutter is too challenging to tackle. Whether you're navigating narrow passageways or rugged landscapes, the SkyVac Interceptor offers consistent, powerful suction up to 40ft high.

Tailored for Your Professional Needs

At SkyVac, we understand the daily challenges faced by gutter cleaning professionals. That's why we've tailored the SkyVac Interceptor to be as user-friendly as it is effective. Its design promotes easy maneuverability, while its superior vacuum power efficiently handles debris, making your cleaning sessions quick and productive. The additional blow feature is a thoughtful touch, streamlining the cleaning process and enhancing your efficiency on the job.

Customize Your Experience

Elevate your gutter cleaning with these optional enhancements that cater to your specific needs:

  • Key Start: Activate your cleaning day with a simple turn of a key, thanks to our battery-powered ignition.
  • Sieve Basket: Make debris collection a breeze with this add-on, perfect for trapping sediments and simplifying disposal.
  • SkyCam Wireless Camera System: Get a bird’s-eye view of hard-to-see spots with our durable, waterproof camera that includes a zoom feature and onboard recording to streamline your workflow.
  • New Charging Facility: Keep your equipment ready to go with our efficient charging system, ensuring you're always prepared for extended use.

Explore our complete range of gutter cleaning systems and find the ideal setup for your business here.

Step up to the SkyVac® Interceptor and experience a seamless blend of power and convenience that stands out in the professional gutter cleaning industry.

SkyVac Interceptor: The Ultimate Solution for Professional Gutter Cleaning

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