SkyVac®️ Deflector Replacement Part for SkyVac®️ Atom or SkyVac®️ 30

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Both the SkyVac®️ Traditional Atom and SkyVac®️ 30 use the same size internal deflector inside the drum.

The Atom deflector is modified to suit the gutter cleaning application. The Atom can be used for light internal dusting in its original form (built for gutter cleaning); however it does not accommodate the use of dust bags in this configuration.

If the operator wishes to convert the Atom to a high dusting application (for heavier dust situations) it is recommended to use dust bags. The dual filtration of dust bags and filter significantly reduces the amount of filter clogging and thus significantly reduces the amount of time spent cleaning the filter during use.

In order to accommodate dust bags the Atom deflector (as-is) needs to be replaced with the unmodified version as pictured here.

Additionally this is the replacement part for the SkyVac®️ 30 as well.