Ionic Systems Foamion Portable Hose Reel Assembly

Ionic Systems Foamion Portable Hose Reel Assembly

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Stainless Steel Hose Reel with Wheels Assembly for Foamion Portable

Superb quality non-rusting stainless steel hose reel with wheels for ease of transportation. This hose reel is built to last and will stand up to even the most punishing of work schedules! 

Holds approximately 100m-200m of Ionic RX Hose (or any 8mm hose). Comes with a hose tail on the inside to connect one stretch of hose (to wind up).

In order to connect your water fed pole line to the water output you'll also need to purchase separately an RX Hose Adapter (3/8" Hose to 1/2"inch fitting (RXHADA).

The inside width (where the hose wraps around in-between the walls) is 9 inches. The width from outer wheel (nut) to outer wheel (nut) is approximately 19 inches. and the handle extends out past that approximately another 4.5 inches. The height is 34.5 inches.