Ionic Systems Thermowash™️ Pure2o Hot Softwashing & Window Cleaning System

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The Ionic Systems ThermoWash™️ Hot Softwashing System is a compact vehicle-mounted machine that delivers excellent cleaning results due to the combination of purified water and heat. It comes as a 211 Gallon (800 Liter) sized tank system.

Most other soft wash systems use cold, unpurified water, normally drawn from the spigot. In this scenario the chemicals used in the cleaning process have to overcome the minerals in the water; therefore, more chemical is needed than necessary, particularly in hard-water areas. This drives up chemical costs and drives more pollution.

During the colder months and especially when heavy soil is encountered the answer for most soft washers is to add more chemical, which leads to more neutralizer, time and water for rinsing. All of these additions drive up overall job costs.

ThermoWash™️ easily achieves the optimal temperature of 131º to 140º. This drastically improves the effectiveness of pure water when combined with pure water and the right cleaning agent. This delivers superior cleaning results with less environmental impact.

The operator can draw up to four separate chemicals or detergents and set chemical mixes at his desired strength based upon the specific application. The chemicals are mixed inline with the pure water after the pump so no chemicals come in contact with the pump. This eliminates the need to flush the pump. 

As a window cleaning system, ThermoWash™️ is a fully automatic four stage RO/DI system with PFS™️ (Periodic Flush System), ROMS™️ (Reverse Osmosis Maintenance System & PDI™️ (Perpetual Deionization) as standard.

 Other Required Products (ordered separately):

  • Fitting Kit for ThermoWash
  • Crate for shipping
  • Quantity 2 Spray Lane