IPC Eagle CT5 11" Mini Scrubber

IPC Eagle CT5 11" Mini Scrubber

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The CT5 is a mini scrubber with powerful cleaning abilities.

The scrubber is equipped with a 11″ brush and a foldable handle, making it ideal for smaller spaces where scrubbers were unable to reach before. It is extremely easy to use and features a patent-pending Reverse Dry System (RDS) which will dry up the water instantly while moving in reverse.

The CT5 is one of the smallest and lightest automatic scrubbers on the market and is extremely portable with its lightweight design weighing only 44 pounds, including battery and brush. The machine can be carried room to room, or transported on a cleaning cart, making it perfect for cleaning restrooms, picking up spills, and cleaning wet and slippery entryways. Its small, compact size allows it to squeeze into many tight spaces, such as aisles or between tables, making it perfect for the retail sector and restaurants as well.

Even though the CT5 is very small, it has the productivity capability to clean up to 6,500 square feet in an hour.



  • Foldable Handle
  • Reverse Dry System
  • 11" Brush
  • Fits virtually anywhere
  • 1.3 gallon tank


EASY TO USE: The CT5 is easy to use with its ergonomic and innovative control panel as well as its adjustable handlebar. It takes very little time to learn how to operate and a significant reduction in effort for having to move the machine from room to room.

EASY TO STORE: The CT5 has a maneuverable and compact design, weighing only 44 lbs. The machine can easily be stored, transported or parked into any space within seconds.

OPTIMAL RUN-TIME: The CT5’s Lithium-Ion battery can be recharged within an hour, either on-board or externally, when swapping out batteries.

EASY TO FILL: The CT5’s solution tank is extremely easy to fill: either directly or by removing the recovery tank from the machine. The easy to dump tank is easily removed and can be dumped into a toilet or sink.

EASY TO DRY: The CT5 can dry in both forward and reverse. This allows it to dry places that other scrubbers cannot reach, making it a perfect tool for restroom cleaning.

PRODUCTIVE: The CT5’s battery guarantees 50 minutes of cleaning, or up to 75 minutes with an optional battery. It can clean approximately 6,500 square feet an hour.