IPC Eagle  i-mop® Lite

IPC Eagle i-mop® Lite

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Exceed cleaning standards and enhance safety of operators and others with the i-mop® Lite. Its highly efficient and maneuverability makes it ideal for tight spaces and obstacles. The lightweight design makes it easy to use while still getting a powerful level of clean.


Effortless Maneuverability Weighing just 36 pounds, including the battery, brush, and water, the i-mop Lite boasts a maneuverable and lightweight design that allows you to effortlessly clean small and occupied areas.

Versatile Cleaning Solutions The i-mop Lite is your ultimate solution for a variety of cleaning needs. From tackling restroom sanitation to swiftly addressing spills, this compact scrubber is your reliable companion.

Unmatched Compactness Navigate through narrow aisles or effortlessly slide between tables with the 360° steering and 32° automatic shut off to protect the motor.

Experience the future of cleaning with the i-mop Lite:

  • Time Savings: Complete your cleaning tasks in record time with its efficient design.
  • Ease of Use: Effortless handling and user-friendly controls make cleaning a breeze.
  • Space Efficiency: Fit in small spaces, and let its compactness work its magic.

Ready to take your cleaning game to the next level? Drop the mop and pick up the future, with the i-mop Lite!

Key Features

  • Simplify operation and training with intuitive controls Simplify operation and training with intuitive controls
  • Have continuous run-time with rechargeable modular battery packs swapping out and recharging with three batteries (single battery included, spares sold separately)
  • Keep solution pushed toward the center rather than splashing off to the side of the machine with splash guards
  • Minimize down time and easily replace change cleaning solution or empty recovery water in a sink with detachable tanks
  • Help prevent potential damage to the vacuum motor with the automatic angle shutoff which stops operation when the handle is placed below 32 degrees


  • Max theoretical productivity - 15,069 ft2 / 1,400m2
  • Cleaning path - 14.5in / 368 mm
  • Recovery tank capacity - 1.06 gal/ 4 l
  • Max running time - 45 min
  • Voltage - 18 V-Ah
  • Brush pressure - 28.6 lbs/ 13 kg
  • Weight (with water & battery) - 36.38 lbs/ 16.5 kg
  • Dimensions - 13.4" x 16.9" x 47.2"