CT110BT70(P or B)-240OBC 240ah Batt.+ On-board Charger

IPC Eagle CT 110 BT85 32" Ride on Scrubber Battery with Charger (You Choose)

  • $20,381.00
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Ideal for large spaces, the CT 110 is a ride-on scrubber-dryer designed for cleaning industrial floors, warehouses, workshops and shopping malls.

With the possibility to have up to 4 hours continuous operation thanks to the large battery compartment, a wide cleaning path up to 33 inches, and a dispensing system designed to save water and detergent, the CT 110 optimizes cleaning work to the maximum, making it practical, fast and effective.

Key Features

  • 27,000 - 45, 000 square feet/ hour
  • 29 gallon tank
  • 28 inch and 32 inch rider
  • 2.3 - 3.0 hour run time
  • Easy to service with full access to internal components
  • Great maneuverability with 75 inch radius
  • Powerful motor with a 16" climbing angle
  • Yellow Touch Points for easy daily maintenance


 Other Features

  • (CFS) Central Flow System solution distribution from brush center
  • Great maneuverability with its optimum weight distribution
  • Designed to assure minimum noise levels
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Automatic stop (by pedal release) in working mode
  • Battery level indicator
  • Solution tank discharge hose
  • Anti Foam System
  • Brush replacement without tools
  • Squeegee blades can be used on four sides before replacement
  • Automatic squeegee lift in reverse
  • Squeegee assembly without tools
  • Easy access to internal compartments
  • Oil bath gear reduction box