Mytee PAK5-GO79 Heatguard™️ Vacuum and Solution Hose Wraps - Pack of 5

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[Don’t] feel the burn.

Mytee’s G079 Heatguard™ Vacuum and Solution Hose Wraps are made from closed cell neoprene (wet-suit material) to protect you from heated solution lines and quick disconnects. These are much more efficient and reliable than your basic velcro straps. Sold in a Pack of 5.

Benefits of Mytee’s Heatguard™ Hose Wraps:
Avoid the possible damage of a hot quick disconnect burning and leaving imprints on carpet and upholstery.
Avoid dents and scratches caused by quick disconnects banging on floors and furniture.
Insulated material helps avoid burns to both you and your clients that occur from accidentally touching a hot quick disconnect.

Fits on 2″, 1.5″, and 1.25″ hoses.

Closed Cell Neoprene

9.5" x 9.5"

Shipping Weight
1 lb.