Vacuums 101HQ-T Hospital Vac, 5 Gallon Tank 1.25" Tools

IPC Eagle Vacuums GP 127 (101H) (You Choose)

  • $445.00
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The GP127 is a general purpose professional vacuum that is ideal for keeping floors clean and maintaining dust control. It is great to keep handy when the need arises to clean up common spills and debris.  

It features four stages of filtration, including dual HEPA filters.

It is easy to store and transport due to its light weight, only 23 pounds, and its compact design.

The vacuum is very quiet, with only 64 dBa.

Choose from: 

GP 127 -  5 Gallon Tank, 1.25" Tools. Includes hose, 3 piece wand, combo floor tool, crevice tool, upholstery tool round dusting brush 

GP 127-1.5 - 5 Gallon Tank, 1.5" Tools. Includes 3 piece wand, hose, bristle floor tool, crevice tool, dusting brush



  • 1,000 w power
  • General purpose canister for cleaning floors (including carpeting and dust control applications)
  • Quiet (64 dB) making ideal for sound sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals
  • 105 inch waterlift
  • 118 cfm airflow