SkyVac 85 Elite and SkyVac Interceptor: What’s the Difference?

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Cleaning gutters is a serious business. Both the SkyVac 85 and SkyVac Interceptor are perfect for the job, but what makes them different?


 The SkyVac 85 Elite

The SkyVac 85 Elite is an industrial wet and dry vacuum that has been specifically designed to clear even the most stubborn of blocked gutters. It has three industrial-strength motors, provides 150” of water lift, and has a 20-gallon container capacity. The side debris canister entrance eliminates time-consuming filter blockages that are associated with center entrances. The SkyVac 85 Elite is ideal for commercial and industrial gutter cleaning where either wet, dry, or both applications are needed.


The SkyVac Interceptor

The SkyVac Interceptor is the world’s first fully independent gutter cleaning system. Mounted on an all-terrain multi-directional trolley, the SkyVac Interceptor does not require an external generator to power up. Featuring a Honda engine, the Interceptor allows you to access previously inaccessible or difficult areas while on the job. With a water lift of 155”, a 24-gallon container capacity, and a blow function feature for self-unblocking and removing pine needles and large leaves, the Interceptor can go where no gutter cleaning machine has gone before. The SkyVac Interceptor is ideal for large commercial gutter cleaning environments (up to 4 stories high) where electricity is not easily accessible.


85 Elite vs. Interceptor

So, now that we’ve gotten some of the specifications out of the way, why would you choose one machine over the other? We’ve broken down the pros of both machines for you.



The SkyVac 85 Elite is lighter than the SkyVac Interceptor. At only 80 lbs., the SkyVac 85 Elite is almost 100 lbs. lighter than the SkyVac Interceptor, which weighs in at 172 lbs. This allows the SkyVac 85 to be more mobile in the field, while the SkyVac Interceptor can handle a more rugged landscape.



The SkyVac 85 takes up less space in a truck—on its own. The SkyVac Interceptor will take up more room in your truck, measuring in at 55 inches x 25 inches X 41 inches, while the SkyVac 85 is 42.5 inches tall. However, it’s important to note that the SkyVac Interceptor is an all-in-one machine and doesn’t require a generator. When deciding between the two SkyVac models, please be sure to note that a generator is required for the SkyVac 85.



If budget plays a factor in your decision, the SkyVac 85 Elite is cheaper than the SkyVac Interceptor. However, as in the footprint section, the SkyVac 85 requires a generator, while the SkyVac Interceptor does not. When determining the budget for your SkyVac, don’t forget to include the cost of the generator!

If you choose to purchase the SkyVac 85 Elite or want a full cost comparison, we have two generators that we recommend for the 85: 

The Harbor Freight Predator

A Honda Generator

Purchasing a generator for your SkyVac 85 Elite can cost between $500 and $4000, depending on your budget and business needs.


Sieve Basket

The SkyVac Interceptor features an optional Sieve basket to collect sediment and water. The SkyVac 85 Elite does not offer this feature.


Piggybacking Option

The SkyVac Interceptor can also be piggybacked to boost the vacuum action. This means that an additional Interceptor or a SkyVac 85 can be attached to the Interceptor to boost the efficiency and ease of use.


Container Capacity

The SkyVac 85 Elite has a 20-gallon container capacity, while the SkyVac Interceptor has a 24-gallon container capacity.


Whichever model you choose, we’re here to help! Still not sure about which SkyVac is right for your business? Give us a call at 844-759-8227.



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