SkyVac Kit Performance: Essential Maintenance Tips

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In the busy cleaning industry, it's important to follow effective maintenance routines to make sure your equipment lasts long and works well. This blog post gives useful tips for taking care of your SkyVac kit.

Onsite Maintenance Tips:

  1. Keep a Bucket of Water Handy: To avoid blockages during gutter cleaning, always keep a water bucket nearby. This allows for quick flushing through the pipes.

  2. Regularly Check the Entry Port: Ensure smooth operations by routinely inspecting the entry port while emptying waste. This prevents debris from accumulating, avoiding disruptions.

  3. Use the Blow Function Periodically: Incorporate the blow function periodically by directing the hose into an empty bucket. This helps clear potential debris clogs, maintaining peak vacuum performance.

Offsite End-of-Day Care:

  1. Thoroughly Clean Poles and Attachments: Use a hose pipe to clean all poles and attachments, eliminating dirt buildup. Wipe the inside of the poles to remove grit and apply silicone spray to prevent sticking or locking.

  2. Wash Out the Drum and Entry Port: Maintain overall cleanliness and efficiency by washing out the drum and entry port as part of the end-of-day routine.

  3. Inspect and Clean the Filter: Regularly inspect and clean the filter, and keep a spare filter on hand to ensure uninterrupted cleaning operations. 

  4. Clean the Plastic Filter Housing: Unscrew the plastic filter housing, clean the grill and float inside, and replace them to maintain optimal vacuum performance.

  5. Wipe Down All Accessories: Adopt a comprehensive approach by wiping down all accessories, including bags, inspection poles, cameras, and monitors, to keep them free from debris.

Your SkyVac kit is a valuable asset, and by incorporating these maintenance tips into your routine, you can extend its lifespan and ensure it continues to deliver outstanding results. 

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