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Ever been up on a roof, thinking, "How do I get to that tricky spot?" Or maybe you've tried to scrub away stubborn stains and wondered, "Isn't there an easier way?" If you're a roof-cleaning pro, we've got some good news for you. We have the best accessories to help you clean roofs!

 1. SkyVac®️ Skyscraper Wire Brush 

Is there anything that I can use to get moss at the edge of a roof tile?

YES!  Our NEW Skyscraper® wire roof cleaning brush is exactly what you need. The carbon steel bristles get right in the tile edges and overhangs, giving that stubborn moss build off, the brush-off.  For thorough results, and getting moss out of those nooks and crannies, this brush is a must. 

The Skyscraper® Wire Brush can be attached to a telescopic pole using the angled connector. It can also be attached to the SkyVac®️ Elite Poles using the SkyVac®️ Elite Multi Connector.

How do I clean the roof tiles?

To clean roof tiles, we recommend the Skyscraper® Head and Blades - which has a choice of 11 blade profiles to match the shape of your roof tile project AND includes the brush.

    2. SkyVac®️ SkyScraper Head, Blades & Brush

    SkyVac®️ SkyScraper Head, Blades & BrushSkyVac®️ SkyScraper Head, Blades & Brush

    The SkyVac®️ SkyScraper is an efficient moss removal system which eliminates the danger of climbing on roofs to remove unsightly moss.

    Simply select the blade to suit the roof tile profile, attach it to your SkyVac®️ Elite Poles using the SkyVac®️ Elite Multi Connector or a SkyPole telescopic pole and position at the top of the roof and pull down towards you to quickly and effectively remove moss.

    It is compatible with a wide variety of telescopic poles. (See SkyScraper Telescopic Pole Package)

    Features & Benefits

    • Easy to use locking mechanism to swap blades over quickly
    • Adjustable crank to suit gradient of roof
    • Adjustable multi-directional head to suit the roof angle and to allow moss removal from dormer window roofs

    3. SkyVac®️ SkySweeper Brush

    SkyVac®️ SkySweeper Brush

    This ultrathin brush makes light work of moss removal on flat tiles and cleans up any leftover moss from all roofing projects, especially along the ridge!

    We recommend the standard skySweeper for general moss removal; the innovative design makes scraping moss easy. The very fine bristles are ideal for knocking moss loose.

    For those tougher jobs where the moss is extra stubborn, we recommend our Hybrid skySweeper. The polypropylene bristles act as extra support, giving the tough-to-remove moss no chance.


    • Long lasting bristles.
    • Extra wide, for easy coverage.
    • Made of tough material, for a thorough clean

    How do you use it?

    Simply attach the SkySweeper / Hybrid SkySweeper to your SkyScraper Head and away you go!

    What is the SkySweeper compatible with?

    This product will fit onto our SkyScraper Head, to be used in conjunction with our telescopic poles.

    4. Mosmatic High Pressure Roof Cleaner - DR 520 - 21in - 80.658

    Mosmatic High Pressure Roof Cleaner - DR 520 - 21in - 80.658

    This Mosmatic roof cleaner is an industrial quality tool. Can be used quickly and efficiently as the operator stands safely on the ridge. Security, stability as well as cleaning results are emphasized. This stainless steel unit will provide optimal performance under harsh conditions. Deck height and wheel width are adjustable giving you an advantage when cleaning different styled roofs.

      • Height and width adjustable
      • Quad bearing swivel
      • For professional roof cleaners
      • Pressure:7300psi/inlet G1/4"F
      • Name: DR-520

    5. SkyVac®️ SkyScraper Speedi Brushes 

     SkyVac®️ SkyScraper Speedi BrushesSkyVac®️ SkyScraper Speedi Brushes

    This NEW profiled Speedi Brushes fit ten different roof tile profiles, to reach into every nook and cranny! The tough polypropylene bristles easily dislodge roof moss within seconds.

    The Skyscraper Roof Cleaning System makes it easy to swap brushes over when necessary. The brushes are attached to the Skyscraper Head, which can then be attached to your high level cleaning pole!

    The Skyscraper head is fully compatible with the SkyScraper Pole and Sky PoleIf you are using the Elite High Reach Poles, then you will need the Elite Multi Connector. 

    Explore our complete range of Roof Cleaning Products and accessories here. If you have any questions, please contact us here.


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