SkyPole™ Professional High Reach Inspection Pole

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Day or Night, no ladders, scaffolding, scissor lifts or cherry pickers required...

Our lightweight telescopic SkyPole elevates our wireless SkyCam up to 46ft (14 meters) to provide photo and video capture capability.  It can also be used as a water fed pole to dispense gutter brightening solution. 

The commercial-grade carbon fiber SkyPole is one of the lightest poles on the market but is engineered to be tough and rigid.

SkyPole Inspection Pole


The SkyPole includes one swivel-neck camera attachment (ball joint style).

Note: the SkyCam™️ is purchased separately.

Typical Usage

  • Building inspection, indoors & outdoors
  • Gutter & roof inspection
  • Security & surveillance
  • Plus many more applications...


24 foot - 3.6 pounds, collapsed length 5.3 feet, 50% carbon fiber

34 foot - 5.5 pounds, collapsed length 6.4 feet, 100% carbon fiber

44 foot - 6.9 pounds, collapsed length 7.1 feet, 100% carbon fiber