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SkyVac Interceptor Pallet

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Jose Solano

I was skeptical before buying the skyvac interceptor, but boy am I happy I did....doesn’t work for every situation and it’s definitely a learning curve...but it’s worth it. Still getting the hang of 2 story homes...I am knocking out 1000-2000 sq ft single stories in less than 10 min...

Richie Gomez

Very rarely do I come across a job that the SkyVac can't do...

Todd Hendrzak

Love the interceptor.. great investment

Colin Piaspowski

We love ours, but like others have said it will not eliminate ladder work but will add a tool to your arsenal. We primarily use SkyVac.... actually since offering and addition of water pole, we haven't used a ladder in two years.

SkyVac Interceptor

Are you tired of struggling with cumbersome gutter cleaning equipment that just can't reach those tricky spots? Say goodbye to those frustrations and welcome the future of gutter maintenance with open arms – introducing the SkyVac® Interceptor Professional Gutter Vacuum System.

Unmatched Convenience and Power

Imagine a gutter cleaning system that's not only powerful but also completely independent of any electrical supply requirements. That's exactly what the SkyVac® Interceptor offers. Mounted on a robust all-terrain multi-directional trolley, this revolutionary system features onboard power, thanks to the globally compliant Honda engine nestled within its sleek design. 

Designed with You in Mind

We understand the challenges professionals face when it comes to gutter cleaning. That's why the SkyVac® Interceptor is meticulously crafted with the user in mind. Its agile all-terrain chassis allows for effortless maneuverability down narrow spaces and side paths, while its exceptional vacuuming capacity effortlessly lifts and removes even the heaviest of debris from gutters up to 40ft from the ground. Plus, with the added blow feature, cleaning and self-unblocking become quick and hassle-free tasks.

Optional Extras for Enhanced Performance

Looking to take your gutter cleaning game to the next level? The SkyVac® Interceptor offers a range of optional extras to suit your needs:

  • Key Start: Effortlessly ignite your cleaning sessions with a battery-powered ignition system.
  • Sieve Basket: Collect sediment and water with ease, available separately for existing Interceptor owners.
  • SkyCam Wireless Camera: Gain unprecedented visibility of high-level areas and out-of-reach gutters with the SkyCam accessory, featuring exclusive waterproof monitor and camera, rubberized drop-proof protective jacket, and unique zoom facility.
  • On-Board Recording: Capture and review footage effortlessly with the integrated recording feature.
  • New Charging Facility: Simultaneously charge both monitor and camera for extended usage.

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Skyvac Interceptor

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