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The new SkyVac® Mighty Atom is a powerful, compact, gutter cleaning vacuum system designed for residential and light commercial use. It has featherlight poles and is available in 3 "height packages" to reach gutters up to 3 stories (35 ft or 10.5m high).

Our advanced, carbon fiber pole sections are 3 times lighter than aluminum poles, making them much easier to use, especially at higher heights.


For Homeowners:

If you own a home surrounded by trees and you are tired of paying someone year-after-year to clean your gutters, then the SkyVac® Mighty Atom is an affordable alternative for the Do-It-Yourself individual.

For Professionals:

If you are a professional cleaner and wanting to add gutter cleaning to your service offerings then the SkyVac® Mighty Atom is a good starting point. If you are a professional gutter cleaner where time is of the essence, or if you service a heavily pine debris area, we recommend upgrading to the SkyVac® 85 Elite (electric) or the SkyVac® Interceptor (gas) for frequent professional use.

Additional Applications:

The ATOM can carry out the following additional tasks...

  • Leaf Blowing (light duty)
  • Pond Dredging


    Cyclonic Side Entry Port with Push Fit Poles

    • Cyclonic Side Entry Port: 2" (50mm) Click-lock vac port)
    • Your number choice of push fit (friction fit) poles
      • 4, 6, or 7 Poles (20 ft, 30 ft or 35 ft reach)
      • 5 ft long each
      • 1.75" (44mm) in diameter
    • 1 Lightweight, Wire-reinforced hose - 2" (50mm) diameter, 16 ft (5m) length
    • 1 Vac to Hose Cuff (50-51mm)
    • 1 Hose to Pole Cuff (50-44mm)
    • Cleaning Tools
      • 135º Blue Flexi Neck Silicone Tool Holder
      • 180º Blue Flexi Neck Silicone Tool Holder
      • Crevice End Tool
      • Standard Dirt Breaker
      • Daily End Tool
      • Round Brush

    Floor Tool Kit (Comes with All Models and Pole Packages)

    • Rotating Cuff
    • 2 Aluminum/Plastic Tubes
    • 1 Plastic Bend End Tool Holder
    • 1 Wet Floor Brush
    • 1 Dry Floor Brush
    • 1 Carpet Floor Brush
    • SkyVac® Branded Pole and tool Kit Carry Case

       Pole Comparison Chart:

      SkyVac®️ Might Atom Carbon Fiber Suction Pole Comparison Chart

      • Commercial grade 1400 watt 120 volt motor (15 amps) (plugs into standard residential outlet)
      • Water Lift: 110 inches of water lift
      • Air flow: 134 CFM
      • Canister Capacity: approximately 10 gallons (35 liters)
      • Dimensions: 31 inches high x 15.7 inches wide (79 centimeters x 40 centimeters)
      • Vacuum Weight: approximately 18 pounds ( 8 kilograms)