TK510M 28" Manual Sweeper

IPC Eagle 510 28" Manual Sweeper

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The 510 is an indispensable machine for outdoor cleaning. With this manual push sweeper you can quickly clean your garage, lawn and courtyard of leaves and small debris. It is designed to be the easiest-to-use manual sweeper on the market. 

With a 2-Stage hopper system, it provides a unique level of dust control for a manual sweeper. The steel frame provides long-term durability to withstand harsh use in demanding environments. 

The mechanical movement of the wheels activates brush rotation, allowing you to work without energy consumption, making the 510 M sweeper totally eco-friendly.



  • 18,840 square feet/ hour
  • 7 gallon capacity
  • 27 inch working width
  • One-hand operation
  • Superior dust control
  • Main brush pressure adjustment
  • Easily transported
  • Large hopper capacity