Apply for Lease

There are multiple options available to you for leasing equipment. The following companies specialize in the Cleaning Industry.

Apply online by clicking on one of the links below:




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AZTEC Leasing



CWB National Leasing


Sometimes the leasing process can be a bit confusing. Here's a step-by-step list of how it works:

  1. Customer submits leasing application online or over the phone with preferred leasing company
  2. Lease application is reviewed by leasing company and approved/disapproved usually between 2-24 hours. This is typically based upon credit history but other factors can make a difference.
  3. Sometimes there are minor stipulations to the lease approval. Example: Proof of business. SkyVac will receive documentation from customer and supply documents to leasing company.
  4. SkyVac builds quote/equipment list based upon customer's needs. Most leases allow equipment, services, training and shipping costs to be included.
  5. Customer receives final quote and gives it a last look to confirm it is correct.
  6. SkyVac and customer will review the leasing terms. Customer decides on number of payments/months.
  7. SkyVac or leasing company completes lease documents and sends to customer for signature. This is typically e-sign, electronic documents.
  8. Customer reviews lease documents, signs and makes first payment to leasing company.
  9. SkyVac receives PO, payment and/or authorization from leasing company and approval to ship equipment to customer.
  10. SkyVac prepares and ships equipment to customer. Many times this is freight shipment so equipment is checked, double-checked for accuracy and palletized. Freight shipping company pick-up is scheduled.
  11. Shipping company picks up pallet and transports to customer.
  12. Customer inspects pallet for damages and signs off on receipt of delivery.
  13. Customer verifies receipt of equipment with leasing company (typically over the phone)