400 Series Wet/Dry Vacuums 415PLT Wet/Dry Tip Vac 19 Gal Poly 1 Motor

IPC Eagle GP 172 (400 Series) Wet/Dry Tip Vac 19 Gal Poly 1 Motor

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The Tip & Pour Series vacuums are general purpose vacuums for wet application with the added productivity of automatic discharge. These vacuums can be used for general cleaning or to collect dust produced from grinding tools. These vacuums are commonly used in schools, manufacturing, offices and construction environments.

The Tip & Pour series makes dumping easier with its convenient tip and pour design. They are made up of durable polyethylene tanks that won't dent or chip, or chemical resistant tanks that won't crack or corrode.

Key Features:

  • General purpose for wet or dry applications
  • Easy to empty with convenient tip and pour design
  • Stable design - utilizes transport handle and has two large wheels in back with dual front casters
  • Option front mount squeegee helps increase productivity
  • One motor