Coming Soon: SurveyCam™️ High-Reach Inspection System

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COMING SOON in 2021!

Pricing and specifications subject to change. This is a pre-launch advertisement to let you know what's coming in the near-term.


What you can't see, we can!

Introducing SurveyCam™️, the world's first all-in-one survey camera, extending up to 32ft or 50ft with high spec cameras for all photographic and video needs.

SurveyCam™️ can be used for a wide range of different projects whether there's a project for domestic properties or for a business. SurveyCam will adapt to all types of situations.

SurveyCam™️ designed for building inspectors, roofers, building service contractors, speciality cleaners, security professionals and  more


  • Front LED Lights to improve photos
  • Zoom functionality
  • External Antenna to improve signal strength
  • Sun Shade to block out annoying glare
  • Protective Jacket to prevent damage in the field
  • Micro SD Card storage
  • HD Picture Quality

When combined with our state-of-the-art, high-modulus carbon fiber telescoping pole this system has up to a 50 ft reach and a collapsed pole height of only 6 ft.

White feature LED Lights

SurveyCam™️ White feature LED lights

External Antenna

SurveyCam™️ External Antenna

Sun Shade and Protective Jacket

SurveyCam™️ Sun Shade and Protective Jacket