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SkyVac® Sonic Atom

Super-sized, super-charged and Super Sonic! 

  • POWERFUL: 1600 Watts - The right mix of suction & blow function.
  • COMPACT:  Fits in the Van – with a 12 Gallon (45L) drum & hardcore Vac head.
  • HIGH REACH:  Light weight clamped pole system - Vac Release Cuff & Anti-block hairpin neck – High Reach with Low Effort. 
  • MOBILE: 4 sturdy multi-directional castors & 38 lbs (17.2KG)
  • SMART:  With drain hose – for easy waste management

The dual motor 1600 watt system delivers the perfect suction mix to take on the full range of gutter cleans.  110” water lift muscle, combined with 170 CFM air flow, gets the job done fast!

Designed for domestic and commercial gutter cleaning. From moss crumbs to fallen leaves, deep rooted gutter turf, and blocked downpipes, the SkyVac® Atom Sonic is up to the task!  

The unique powerful blow function is ideal for cleaning up after roof cleaning projects.  A quick and easy way to blast those mossy crumbs off the tiles.  Or use to shift those pesky pine needles or debris trapped in gutter corners.  

The compact vacuum head is designed to maximize the drum capacity.  The filter is housed behind a protective steel plate that lines up with the 2 inch (50mm) cyclonic entry port, to minimize blockages and guide debris around the drum.  This steel plate deflects dirt and debris, and doubles as a sturdy vac head stand.  The cleated filter cartridge is removable and easy to clean.  To empty, simply unclip and remove the vac head and tip out the contents that have collected in the light weight steel drum (6.5kg/ 14lbs empty).  

The 12 gallon (45L) drum is mounted on 4 multi directional castors making it easy to maneuver around properties, and at 138 lbs (7.2kg) it can easily be lifted in and out of the van. 

Now with added drain hose for smarter waste management and to maximize drum capacity and keep you powering through those “soupy projects”.  


Clamped Poles: 

Our 2 inch (50mm) clamped suction pole system comes with the EXCLUSIVE SkyVac® Vac Release cuff (Patent Pending), for instant suction control with a simple twist.  It also includes the EXCLUSIVE Anti-Block Hairpin neck (Eu Design Protected) with an oversized neck which improves air circulation and eliminates blockages.  

The continuous 2 inch (50mm) diameter from the Hairpin neck, right through to the cyclonic vac entry port allows maximum air flow to the SkyVac® Atom Sonic motor, for maximum suction with faster results.   

Weighing in at slightly over 12 ounces per 5 ft section, the clamped poles are easy and securely slotted together, for quick, high access.  Rigid, for firm control at full working height, but without the energy zapping weight.  

Available in 3 height packages (4, 6 & 8 Poles) to access up to 4 stories or 40 ft (12m).

Please note: If you are professional cleaner located in a geographic area with exceptionally heavy pine needles (and cleaning time is of the essence) then we recommend upgrading to the SkyVac®️ 85 Elite or SkyVac®️ Interceptor





    SkyVac® Atom Sonic Machine:

    • x1 Sonic Vacuum System w/ Drain Hose
    • x1 Hose to Pole Cuff
    • x1 Hose to Drum Cuff
    • x1 3, 5 or 7 Standard Hybrid Clamped Poles
    • x1 Vac Release Pole
    • x1 Carbon Fiber Rigid Neck Hairpin 135° Anti Clogging Tool Holder
    • x1 Gutter Cleaning Tool Kit
    • x1 Wet/Dry Floor Kit
      • x3 Brushes: 1) Carpet 2) Hard floor 3) Water pick up. 
      • x1 Hose 8 ft (2.5M) of 1.5 in (38mm)
      • x2 Cuffs
      • x1 Floor Wand (comes in 3 sections)

    *Note: The SkyVac®️ Sonic does not come with a sieve basket (none available)

    Atom Sonic Vacuum

    • Motors: 2
    • Motor Voltage: 110-120Volts, 60 Hz, 13 amps
    • Motor Wattage: 1600 Watt (2 x 800 Watt)
    • Plug: NEMA Standard North American 15 amp, straight 3 prong
    • Power Cable Length: 26 ft (8M)
    • Water Lift: 110"
    • Air Flow: 170 CFM
    • Noise: 74DB
    • Canister: Steel 12 gal (45 Liter)
    • Side Entry Port: Cyclonic 2" (50mm)
    • Blow Port: 2" (50mm)
    • Filter Protection: Curved steel filter protection plate
    • Dimensions:
      • Height: 31"
      • Length: 19"
      • Depth: 19"
      • Weight 38 lbs (17.2kg) (Vac Head 24 lbs, Drum 14.5 lbs)
    • Hose: 2" (50mm) Diameter, 16 ft (5M) wire reinforced hose
    • Poles:
      • Hybrid carbon fiber materials
      • 2" (50mm) diameter
      • 5 ft (1.5m) length
      • 12 oz (350gms) weight each