IPC Eagle CT40, CT70 & CT90 Chem Dose Kit

IPC Eagle CT40, CT70 & CT90 Chem Dose Kit

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Chem Dose Kit for CT40, CT70 & CT90

Chem-Dose is an innovative system which enables Cleantime automatic scrubbers to handle the detergent separately from the water tank

The system can be activated or deactivated in any moment and enables the detergent to be mixed precisely in percentages from 0.5% to 10% (0.5-12 ounces per gallon). 


• High Precision Mixing System 
• Reduces detergent use to a minimum
• Pumps the detergent into the water to precisely mix the solution
• Eliminates chemical build-up in tank and solution lines
• Works with water regulation system of the machines to save water and detergent