Ionic Systems Hydra Water Fed Poles

Ionic Systems Hydra Swift Replacement Pole Sections & Handle

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These are the sections & pole handle to order if you have broken your Hydra Swift style pole. These are the sections for the new Hydra Poles. If you are needing a replacement section for your legacy (older) style Ionic Pole please click here

Sometimes just the section that you damaged can be replaced instead of replacing the whole pole.

Please choose your 1) size/material of pole (as displayed on the handle section, this is the pole's collapsed length 5 ft, 5.2 ft, 6.3 ft, 7.3 ft) and type/section number that you need.

The most frequently damaged section is the top section of the pole that has the custom brush configuration, in this case the Swift. (The Grafter and Vertigo sections are a different listing.) This top section is section 1.

If you damaged other sections too you count down from there and determine the other sections you need, Section 2, Section 3 etc...

If you don't know what section you need please feel free to contact us for help.