Ionic Systems V4™️ Vehicle Mounted Pure Water Window Cleaning System (You Choose)

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V4™️ is version 4 of The Reach & Wash System first launched in 1997.

The V4™️ truck-mount pure water professional window cleaning system has seen significant improvements over the lifespan of its development. 10% weight reduction and a lower center of gravity has improved vehicle handling.

It boasts tech options to improve filter performance, RO membrane life and water quality.

Tech Features:

  • PFS™️ Periodic Flush System - On start up this feature automatically flushes the Reverse Osmosis Membrane for a period of 2 minutes. Thereafter the RO is flushes for 2 minutes every hour during the filling process.
  • ROMS™️ Reverse Osmosis Maintenance System - At the end of each tank fill, pure water is diverted to the RO membrane housing. Leaving the RO membrane bathing in pure water between fills ensures that dissolved solids (found in tap water) do not foul the membrane. Further, dissolved solids that are not removed from the membrane surface during Periodic Auto Flush cycles are absorbed by the pure water during the "rest period" to be flushed away during the first flush on startup.
  • PDI™️ - Perpetual De-ionization. This feature considerably extends DI resin contact time. Ultra purification is achieved by repeated exposure of purified water to the final DI polishing stage.

System Features:

  • Digital Flow Control -  Auto-compensating digital flow control allows precise operation of the pumps
  • Dual TDS Monitoring - The TDS of the water at critical stages is monitored and shown on a control-mounted digital gauge
  • Tank Sight Gauge - Fast and accurate view of the water level in the tank
  • Fully Baffled Tank - Black polypropylene tank with advanced baffling for increased vehicle stability
  • Twin Pumps - The V4™️ has two independently controlled pumps allowing more than one cleaning pole to be used at the same time
  • Remote Pump Activation - Each pump may be activated remotely using the key fob
  • Easy Refillable Filters - The filter media cartridge is simply replaced when spent
  • Stainless Steel Chassis - Covered by our 10-year warranty
  • Battery Charger - Integrated mains-powered CTEK battery charger (optional)

Standard on V4™️

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, fully welded, Crash-test Certified Component Chassis to FMVSS-208 Standard
  • FMVSS-208 Cast Mounting Brackets
  • Remote Pump Control
  • Hi-Density Polypropylene Spark Tested Baffled Tank
  • Automatic Fill Shut Off
  • Auto-compensating Pump Flow Control

Special Note:

An Ionic Systems In-line Water Softener is highly recommended for use in hard water areas. These are sold separately.

The MEG Ω Difference

The MEG Ω is a small unit of measure, but ultra pure water in the MEG Ω range delivers faster, better spot free results that you can visibly see.

Ionic Systems MEG Ω Ohm Difference

V4™️ Configurations (Choose from drop down list):

DiFUSE™️ (10 MEGΩ)

DiFuse is Ionic's cold pure water delivery truck-mount delivery system. Designed for quick pure water filling from a static water treatment system or emergency filling from a main water supply.

FUSE™️ (11 MEGΩ)

The FUSE™️ is a high performance, fully automatic, full five-stage RO/DI system. Fully automated fill with PFS™️ and PDI™️ are standard. Pure water production is up to 3 liters per minute dependent on the main water supply.


FUSION™️ is a high performance, fully automatic five-stage RO/DI system with boosted fill, PFS™️, ROMS™️, & PDI™️ as standard features. Pure water production up to 6 liters per minute dependent upon main water supply.


FUSION™️ S is an ultra high performance system designed for the most demanding customers as well as the world's hottest climates. Fully automatic five-stage RO/DI system with boosted fill, PFS™️, ROMS™️, & PDI™️ as standard features and has stainless steel filter housings. Pure water production is up to 9 liters per minute dependent upon main water supply

Introduced in 2020:


The new V4™️ THERMOPURE fills the gap between Ionic's Zero™️ with zero Parts Per Billion (PPB) water quality and Ionic's cold water V4™️ The system provides a hot water experience. Previously your only option was to add the Ionic HotBox™️ alongside your system. Now it's a fully integrated hot water, pure water experience.

 Ionic Systems V4™️ Features Comparison Chart

Available in different Tank Capacities

  • 300 Liters = 79.25 Gallons, Height 1108 mm, Width 1129 mm, Depth 945 mm
  • 400 Liters = 105.67 Gallons, Height 1108 mm, Width 1129 mm, Depth 945 mm
  • 500 Liters = 132.08 Gallons, Height 1108 mm, Width 1221 mm, Depth 1180 mm
  • 600 Liters = 158.50 Gallons, Height 1108 mm, Width 1221 mm, Depth 1180 mm
  • 700 Liters = 184.92 Gallons, Height 1108 mm, Width 1221 mm, Depth 1180 mm
  • 800 Liters = 211.33 Gallons, Height 1108 mm, Width 1221 mm, Depth 1335 mm
  • 900 Liters = 237.75 Gallons, Height 1108 mm, Width 1221 mm, Depth 1335 mm
  • 1000 Liters = 264.17 Gallons,Height 1108 mm, Width 1221 mm, Depth 1335 mm