Mosmatic Bay Self Service Car Wash Dual Set-up - 65.937

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Note: This shipment has multiple packages of various sizes.

Equip your self-service car wash with the Mosmatic bay-package. Packages contain all the components to complete yourself serve bays having that finished clean appearance and functionality.

  • Everything for one-stop shopping
  • Air-system boom option
  • Complete package for self-service car wash

2 Packages, 4 Possibilities

Easy combine:

  • Dual Set-up
  • Triple Set-up
  • Dual Set-up with MOSMATIC DRY
  • Triple Set-up with MOSMATIC DRY
  • Contains

  • Part no. 65.019, Qty 3x, Description: DKZ-Boom, 5'1", polished
  • Part no. 26.980, Qty 1x, Description: Wand straight, 20"/8", with nozzle guard
  • Part no. 2507, Qty 1x, Description: High pressure nozzle 2507
  • Part no. 32.564, Qty 1x, Description: DGV gun swivel, 3/8" NPTF - 3/8" NPTM
  • Part no. 29.097, Qty 1x, Description: Wand-Holder spring model, with recovery port, floor mounted, stainless steel
  • Part no. 29.082, Qty 1x, Description: HP-Gun with weep-system, 4500psi, 300°F
  • Part no. 25.922, Qty 1x, Description: Brush-Wand straight, 41"/32", swiveling
  • Part no. 29.027, Qty 1x, Description: Brush-Bucket wall-and floor mounted, 2" drain plug with overflow, stainless steel
  • Part no. 29.085, Qty 1x, Description: Foam Gun
  • Part no. 5040, Qty 1x, Description: High pressure nozzle 5040
  • Part no. 29.084, Qty 1x, Description: Foam gun holder, wall mount
  • Part no. 90.001, Qty 2x, Description: Mat-holders blue, stainless steel
  • Part no. 19.026, Qty 3x, Description: HP-hose blue, NW8, 5800psi, 300°F, length:15'

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