Mosmatic high pressure gum remover FL-AHK-KAU 520 21in 80.787

Mosmatic High Pressure Gum Remover FL-AHK-KAU 520 21 in 80.787

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Mosmatic takes the edge off work with the "All-in-one" cleaning tool. Remove chewing gum from public areas such as sidewalks, train stations, parks and school facilities. The gum will be cut and lifted ready to be recovered. No chemicals needed.

    • Effective and efficient cleaning
    • With fluid recovery port
    • Gum remover bracket and trigger
    • Name - FL-AHK-KAU520

    21", Weight 44 lbs, Swivel 1xDYCI, Rotor Arm 2x 1/8"NPTF, HP-Nozzles 2x1503, HP-Gun-2x, Stainless Steel Caster-4x4

    Technical data

          • Pressure: 5000 psi (27.5 MPa)
          • Temperature: 250°F
          • Inlet : 3/8"NPTF


    Please note that the Gum Remover Nozzle is sold separately and will need to be sized based upon the PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) and GPM (Gallons Per Minute) of your pressure washer.