PrestiVac Replacement Filters for EV1 RCT HEPA Division 1 Models (You Choose)

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PrestiVac Replacement Filters

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Pre-filter with elastic

This filter is a nylon fabric located inside the filter chamber below the power head. It is wrapped around the lip of the chamber like a garbage bag.

It does not need to be replaced unless it is torn.

Main filter

This filter is a polyester fabric filter that is clamped onto a stainless steel support ring. It is installed between the power head and filter chamber.

This filter can be cleaned but will eventually need to be replaced.

The final stage of filtration is a HEPA cartridge. 

The HEPA filters are NOT washable.  Once the HEPA filters are saturated, they will need to be replaced.  The HEPA filters are estimated to last up to 5 years, depending on frequency and product being recovered. 

If both the Cloth and Pre-Filter are cleaned regularly, the HEPA filter will last a longer time.