RO Protect RO Protect Membrane Storage

IPC Eagle RO Protect Membrane Storage Solution

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IPC Eagle recently introduced RO Protect™, an innovative new product designed for RO Membrane Protection and Storage. RO Protect™ is the perfect storage solution for all of IPC Eagles Ultra Pure systems.

If you’ve planned on storing your Ultra Pure systems for more than 6 weeks you’ve run the risk of biological fouling of your machines. RO Protect™ eliminates this risk for quick and easy long term storage.

All it takes is 1 package of RO Protect™ mixed with one gallon of pure distilled water.

If you are planning on storing in cold climates where freeze protection is necessary you can substitute the pure water with propylene glycol (RV antifreeze) found at most hardware stores.

Store your machines the right way with IPC Eagle’s RO Protect™.
Packaged in single use portion packs.