SkyVac Internal Vacuuming 8 Piece Brush Set with Carbon Fiber Extensions

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SkyVac Internal Vacuuming Brush Set - with Carbon Fiber Pole Extensions

Set of Brushes and Carbon Fiber Pole Extensions for Internal High Reach Vacuuming

Fits 44mm (1.75") Carbon Fiber Poles used with SkyVac 78, SkyVac 30 and SkyVac Atom

Types & Sizes of Brushes:

  1. 155° Carbon Fiber Tool Holder
  2. Small Round Brush - Outer Diameter 3"
  3. 65° Carbon Fiber Tool Holder
  4. Narrow Head Brush- Crevice Vacuum Brush - 2 pieces - crevice tool detaches. Brush is 3" wide by 3" length. Full crevice tool with brush is approximately 10" long (after seated on pole)
  5. Straight White Brush - Bristles are 5" Length, 2" Width
  6. Pivot Black Brush - Bristles are 5" Length, 2" Width in the middle and tapers down on each end to create a diamond shape. Also Pivots to a 90° Angle
  7. Small Flexi Brush- 8" and flex from side-to-side, thick natural hair bristles
  8. Half Round Vac Brush- up to 4" pipe brush