How to Remove Tiger Stripes from Gutters

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Have your gutters backed up, causing dirt and debris to build up? Then, it rains. Your beautifully clean gutters are now striped with dirt. Don’t worry, we have the solution!


Gutters are often one of the most overlooked and beaten down parts of your home. Tiger stripes, also sometimes referred to as zebra stripes, are formed through electrostatic bonding—your gutters overflow, which causes particles from algae, roofing materials or the air to stick to the side of your gutters and siding.


Why Do I Need My Gutters Brightened?


Let’s face it, tiger stripes and dirty siding don’t look great. To improve the overall curb appeal of your home, gutter brightening is a fantastic solution. If you’re looking to sell or just improve the way your home looks, you may need your gutters brightened.


What is Gutter Brightening?


Tiger stripes are extremely difficult to remove by traditional cleaning methods because of the oxidation of the enamel and mix of debris that inhabits gutters. Power washing will not remove tiger stripes on their own either. The process of scrubbing the gutters with a solution is known as gutter brightening, removing those pesky tiger stripes from your gutters.

At Clean Direct, we have multiple solutions to get your gutters looking bright, shiny, and as pristine as the day they were installed. To discuss gutter brightening on your own home, or to add gutter brightening as a service to your business, give us a call at 844-759-8227.



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