Introducing the New Goodbye Gum! Backpack System

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Have you ever had problems trying to clean gum spots? 

Gum spots can be a big issue for businesses like shopping malls, parks, schools, theaters, restaurants, and more. But here comes something new – the Goodbye Gum! Backpack System. It's a special backpack that's good for the environment, easy to carry, and works really well to clean up gum spots. It's changing how we deal with this sticky problem.

Goodbye Gum! Gas Backpack Gum Removal System

How Does Goodbye Gum! Backpack System Work?

There are two kinds of machines, and they come in a handy backpack that's easy to carry. These machines are connected to a comfortable lance and run on a lithium battery. To clean, a pump moves an eco-friendly soap into a boiler on the lance, where it gets heated to about 203°F (95°C). This specific heat level makes sure gum is vaporized effectively, and sticky labels are removed without harming the surfaces underneath.

Consumables Required

To keep the Goodbye Gum! backpack system operating at its best, service packs are required. For the battery-powered unit, these packs include 4 x 2-liter bottles of detergent, 2 stainless steel brushes, and 1 soft-nylon brush. The gas-powered unit's service pack is similar, but also includes a gas canister.

No External Power or Water Supply Needed

One of the standout features of the Goodbye Gum! Backpack System is its independence from external power or water supply. This allows operators to work seamlessly on the go without the hindrance of trailing leads or noisy generators.

Eco-Friendly Detergent 

Committed to sustainability, Goodbye Gum! uses an eco-friendly cleaning solution manufactured from renewable sources based on a sugar surfactant, making it completely biodegradable. This commitment to environmental responsibility sets Goodbye Gum! apart in the realm of urban maintenance.

Model Differences

While all Goodbye Gum! machines offer the same high performance, they differ in features and heat generation methods. The battery-powered unit is lightweight, offers 80 minutes of continuous usage with an interchangeable battery, and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor work. On the other hand, the gas-powered unit boasts an 8-hour continuous run time, making it the most effective eco-friendly cleaning solution designed primarily for outdoor use.

Goodbye Gum! Battery Backpack Gum Removal System


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