What Are Waterfed Poles?

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Waterfed Poles are used in both window and solar panel cleaning to clean and rinse the surfaces. Waterfed poles feed pure water up the pole for a detergent-free cleaning option that leaves your windows and solar panels spot-free.

At Clean Direct, we stock the Hydra Poles by Ionic Systems.


Ionic Hydra™️ Waterfed Pole

Hydra is a lightweight but strong pole platform that window cleaners can configure based upon their specific needs. Therefore, just like the mythical Greek serpent Ionic’s Hydra™️ pole is available with a number of head options.


Weight Savings

The first thing you notice about the Hydra™️ pole is just how light it is. Ionic has really focused on weight reduction and has reduced the wall thickness of every pole section, resulting in significant weight savings and maintained rigidity. Narrow handles provide a more comfortable grip. In order to achieve Ionic's lightest ever pole, every component came under scrutiny, with weight savings being made on nearly every part, from clamps to levers.

One Finger Operation Clamps

The second thing you notice are the next generation clamps on the Hydra™️ pole, with slick one finger operation and adjustment these clamps feature patent pending spring-assisted release to reduce tube section wear. In addition, the clamps are carefully crafted to ensure tight closure time after time, year after year.

Protector™️ Handle as Standard

The final thing you notice is that every Hydra™️ pole comes standard with Ionic’s unique Protector handle. The only waterfed pole to meet the British Standard for electrical safety is available to you at no extra cost. It seems that there is barely a month that goes by without news of a window cleaner electrocuted at work. Whilst safer than ladders Ionic believes that waterfed poles should be a no-risk alternative.  



Tubeless Quick Connection

Push fit style connection allows for quick connection to and from the pole, saving you time and money. The twist and lock feature within the protective housing prevents accidental separation during use.

Water Flow Shutoff

Allows the user the shut the water flow off by crimping the tube, meaning the pole can be left unsupervised with no water flowing, reducing unnecessary water usage and saving money.

Spring-Loaded Clamps

Combined with wear resistant telescopic tubes, Ionic’s patent pending spring-assisted pole clamps ensures smooth action, whilst minimizing wear in the pole sections. While other designs insure that poles remain clamped as the section wears, our focus was to engineer out factors that contribute to pole tube wear in the first place. In doing so Ionic’s poles last considerably longer, retain their performance and save you money over time.

Configurable Cleaning Heads

Hydra™️ is a lightweight but strong pole platform that window cleaners can configure based upon their specific needs. Therefore just like the mythical Greek serpent Ionic’s HydraTM pole is available with a number of head options.

Head Options

The Hydra™️ range adopted the tried and tested heads of Ionic's previous Grafter™️, Swift ™️ and Vertigo™️ waterfed poles. This means you can select your preferred head and brush assembly, and benefit from the numerous features that are standard on the Hydra™️ pole range, including; light weights, compact sizes, next generation clamps, tubeless storage, protective handle and water-flow shut off.

 Below is a video and description of all the types of Hydra poles available.

For more information about Hydra Poles, Ionic Systems, or any other industrial cleaning needs, give us a call today at 844-759-8227.



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