Ionic Systems Foamion™ Portable Cart (Assembly)

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Introducing the all-new portable version of the FoamionTM

The FoamionTM is an excellent tool for a wide range of cleaning applications, including cleaning windows, vehicles, and building exteriors. Its ability to provide a controlled fusion of water, chemical, and air makes it a versatile and effective cleaning solution.

Here we've assembled the major components for the portable Foamion system including the main unit, cart and some hose accessories.


The Foamion’s advanced lithium battery technology provides long-lasting power, making it a reliable tool for cleaning professionals. Its new compact design makes it easy to store and transport and its versatility allows it to be used as a stand-alone unit or mounted to an existing Reach & Wash® system. The fact that it can be used by those without an Ionic Reach & Wash® system is also a great advantage.

The onboard air generation gives the benefit of creating foam for better chemical contact time and easier application. It has a high and low chemical injector setting depending on the job-at-hand. Max chemical mix 3/1, minimum 19/1 and adjustable.

For the tradtional van mounted Foamion, click here.

For the Spray Lance only, click here.

This assembly does not include the telescopic pole, it must be ordered separately.

  • Foamion Portable (FOAMION-P)
  • Foamion Portable Trolley (FOAMION-P-T)
  • Foamion Brush Adapter (FOAMIONBA)
  • Foamion Hose - 52 ft or 16m RX (FOAMIONH1)
  • Foamion Hose - 23 ft or 7m 1/2" (FOAMIONH2)
  • Foamion Lance (FOAMIONL)

You will need to purchase a battery locally.

Other items you may need - Must be ordered separately:

About the Lance: