SkyVac®️ Bacuum High-Level Vacuum

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Don’t let a canister vac hold you back!

For the freedom to clean in tight spots and challenging locations, the SkyVac®️ Bacuum is the floor to ceiling cleaning solution - HEPA Filter Bag (Basket) 

Portable & versatile cleaning for challenging locations, this comfortable and lightweight back-pack vacuum is ideal for lifts and stairwells, or for projects with tight seating such as public transport and cinemas or theaters. Whilst the telescopic pole puts beams and ledges up to (15ft reach) in easy reach.   

Lightweight, with a padded harness for wearer comfort, the system allows you to go where the dirt is.  From floor level dirt, to high level cobwebs - we've got you covered. 

  • Ideal for stairs and lifts, or tight seated areas such as public transport, cinemas, stadiums, large venues, churches … the list is endless!  
  • For targeted high access cleaning, the telescopic suction pole gives you easy access to ledges, beams, pipes and ducting. 

Portable / Comfortable:

Wearer experience is at the forefront of the clever design- with everything you need within easy reach.  

In addition to padded straps, the canister sits away from the operators back, to allow air to circulate.  This prevents heat build-up, and improves comfort for long periods of cleaning.  

  • Fully padded and ergonomically designed shoulder & waist straps, as well as chest strap. All adjustable for a customized fit.
  • Built-up padding for extra comfort against the wearers back.  Two separate shoulder, and one lower back pads.   
  • Power housing can be clipped around the waist for easy on / off access. 
  • Accessories clip to the side of the drum. 
  • The Bacuum also features a 360° Swivel joint, for unlimited mobility.
  • Perfect for narrow entrances, stairs and rooms.  

Versatile / Mobile Cleaning:

For the freedom to roam where the dirt is, the vacuum is battery operated.


  • 1 x Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum
  • 1 x Floor Tool
  • 1 x Suction Hose
  • 1 x Hose-to-Vac Cuff
  • 1 x Hose-to-Telescopic Pole Cuff
  • 1 x HEPA13 fleece filter bag (filter basket)
  • 1 x Telescopic Carbon Fiber Vac Pole for approximately 15 ft reach
  • 1 x Telescopic Carry Bag
  • 2 x Li-ion battery 18 V 5 Ah
  • 1 x Quick Charger
  • 1 x Set of Internal End Tools
    • 65° Carbon Fiber Tool Holder
    • 155 Carbon Fiber Tool Holder
    • Soft Round Brush
    • Black Pivot Brush
    • Small Sidewinder Flexi Neck Brush
    • White Straight Brush
    • Radiator Brush
    • Small Half Round Vac Brush

      • Voltage: 36 V
      • Max. Power: 300 W
      • Sound pressure level: 67 LpA [dB]
      • Container material: Plastic
      • Container volume: 6 litres (gross)
      • Filter bag volume: 5 litres
      • 2x Li-ion battery: 18V, 5Ah
      • Length of suction hose: 1.3m
      • Diameter of suction hose: 32mm
      • Diameter of suction tube: 32mm
      • Weight: 6.6kg
      • HEPA13 Filter Bag (Basket)
      • Dimensions:
        • (H) 1 ft 8" (49.6 cm)
        • (L) 10" (26 cm)
        • (W) 8.5" (21.6 cm)
      • Battery - Run Time Approx. 42 Minutes
      • Battery - Charge Time Approx. 60 Minutes