CT160BT75R-SB-200CH 200 ah Gel Batt. + Charger

IPC Eagle CT 160 BT75R-SB 30" Cylindrical Rider Scrubber (You Choose)

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Among the ride-on scrubber dryers manufactured by IPC, the CT 160 stands out for its extraordinary performance combined with cutting-edge technology.

 Thanks to the control panel it is possible to set and customize up to three washing programs for maximum versatility. Whatever the activity, the CT 160 is able to meet all cleaning needs with a productivity of up to 6175 sqm/h and over 5 hours of battery life.


Key Features

  • Powerful battery so the machine can run up to 5 hours
  • Brushes that can connect and disconnect automatically
  • Self-adjusting side brushes to collect dry debris from kerbs and racking edges
  • Cylindrical scrubbing to separate dry debris from the wet tank
  • Easy to use control panel due to 3 pre-set work settings
  • Great all around visibility while cleaning
  • Squeegee blades are four sided for longer working life

Other Features

  •  (CFS) Central Flow System solution distribution from brush center
  • Great maneuverability with its optimum weight distribution
  • Designed to assure minimum noise levels • Easy to use control panel
  • Automatic stop (by pedal release) in working mode
  • Battery level indicator
  • Solution tank discharge hose
  • Anti Foam System
  • Brush replacement without tools
  • Squeegee blades can be used on four sides before replacement
  • Automatic squeegee lift in reverse
  • Squeegee assembly without tools
  • Easy access to internal compartments
  • Oil bath gear reduction box